About Me


My name is Brian Hayes and now I am practicing gym in local fitness center. I am also the tutor and trainer for every member here. Now I am 28 years old but have been practicing since I was just 16 years old.

When I was at the university, my classmates often nominated me to participate in charming and elegant contests for boys. I had also won the first and second prizes in contests held by my university. A lot of students and friends voted for me as they said that my body form was attractive. I myself thought so.

That is all thanks to the long period I practice gym. I started with gym when I was just at grade 10 and so thin. However, I made every effort to keep balance between studying and practicing. I became the trainer when I was the freshman in the university for the purpose of practicing free of charge and earning some more money.

Gym is really a great activity for everyone on the grounds that it brings to us a lot of benefits. I am now more confident can motivate other people. With the modern machine and the support of trainer, I feel certain that all people will have effective practicing lessons.

I see that a lot of people who cannot afford the fees to practicing in a gym class of a fitness center have to download videos in the internet and practice at home. Therefore, I want to share with you more tips to practice. In addition, I will provide you with detailed instructions for each exercise that is useful for you to improve health and perfect your form. I also hope that you will have some concern to my blog.