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We all know that practicing with gym machines are very effective in getting fit and enhancing our health. However, it also cannot escape from the principle 80/ 20. It means that only 20 percent of “gym-ers” feel satisfied with their body improvement while 80 percent continue practicing with the trivial changes and they still make every effort in a wrong way.

Even though gym is beneficial but not all people can conquer this kind of exercises. Therefore, today, I will give you steps to help you have the most satisfactory results with gym.

Step 1: Asks For Trainers’ Instructions And Advices

In every gym club, it is very easy to get advices from gym trainers. They are all friendly and social. However, they will not focus on you when you are reserved and shy to ask them. In a club, there are tens of practicers and almost all of them need the trainers’ help even though they are acquainted with gym machines and exercises.

However, sometimes, their body forms are not bettered. At that time, they should have the trainers’ advices and guides. For beginners, don’t by shy. For the first stage, you have to get used to gym machines and gym exercises. You also need to force yourselves into a harsh circle of practicing. This is quite difficult and you will feel tired for some first days. You need to ask the trainers about how to practice, what machine you have to focus on and so on.

In addition, each individual has different practicing exercise because their purposes are different. Therefore, the trainers will give different advices. Remember that you has to be confident to ask the trainer about what you have to do.

Step 2: Have Before – Gym And After – Gym Exercises

  • Before Gym

You will have to spend at least 10 – 15 minutes with each gym machine, especially for running machines. For obese people, they have to spend hours with those machines. If your do not have before – gym exercises, your muscles will be stretched and you will feel tired. Therefore, don’t forget to do some exercises to stretch your thigh muscles and your bodies to prepare for hours with gym.

  • After Gym

In addition, after you practice with gym machines, a lot of sweat is generated and your heart rate is increasing. You should not stop here on the grounds that it will make your bodies change suddenly. You should make your heart rate decrease gradually by practicing slowly and slowly until you stop. And you need to have some relaxing exercises after practicing. This will help you control your heart rate and breathing and you will feel less tired after that.

Step 3: Practice And Feel Comfortable

During practice, you need to focus on all the exercises and you should feel comfortable. For reaching your goal, you have to feel optimistic all the time. If you practice with negative attitude, you will not get the best results as you want. In addition, when you are in the bad mood, you cannot concentrate on gym exercises.

Hence, when you practice with gym machines, it is better to listen to the music and feel it. You will feel more comfortable and optimistic. Your bodies also relax when you enjoy the music being played.

Step 4: Focus On Physical Exercises

To get the best results, you must focus on the main exercises. For the first stage of gym, you have to increase your elasticity. Almost all people cannot stand a hard practicing timeline as they cannot practice for so long. Therefore, they need to build up their elasticity first.

Then, after about 15 – 20 days, they can force themselves into a difficult and long practicing schedule. Some people have to do gym exercises and work with gym machines for hours. For each machine, they have to spend 30 minutes – 1 hour.

For almost all people, they have to concentrate on gym machines which have strong impact on their thighs and heart rate. These machines will make them tired soon. After that, they have to calm their bodies gradually as mentioned above.

Step 5: Have A Suitable Diet

With gym practice, everyone should build up their own diet. If you do not understand about the nutrient and diet, you need to ask the trainers. They will give you instructions to change the meals every day so that you absorb all the nutrients necessary and feel the food delicious.


Practicing with gym is only effective for those who follow the instructions of the trainers and try their best in every gym exercise. The most important thing is how to practice and how you keep your diet suitable. These are the two most significant points for every “gym – er”. If you still ignore one or both these factors, your practice will not come up to your expectations.

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